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Who We Are

Born During a pandemic

No one will forget how Covid-19 changed the world forever. But during this time, 3D printing became part of a small revolution! So many innovative ideas were created and distributed via the internet, and then 3D printed at the destination! This got us thinking, imagine all the ideas that are never born because a person simply does not have the resources or the knowledge to make their dream a reality! We are a small team of engineers and tinkerers who want to bring your idea to life!

Our Mission

We are a small passionate group, who feel that ideas should be free to everyone!

Everyone has great ideas! Ideas are what drives humanity! Why should your idea stay quiet just because, lets face it, we're not Tony Stark with an AI controlled lab. This is where FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) 3D printing comes in! We can produce pieces for far less than giant factories in half the time, and our carbon footprint is minimal due to our extremely efficient production process!

Got a design but no printer?

We got you covered! We can print on demand and deliver it right to you. We support virtually all types of files, and from one piece to one thousand pieces. 

Replacing things gets expensive!

Items today seem to break faster and faster. We live in  a disposable society where everything just gets replaced instead of repaired. It comes down to one realization mankind made years ago, there's no profit in reliability! We want to change this! Why replace something that costs hundreds because a small plastic part broke? We have repaired many items that would have cost the customer hundreds and saved the item from the landfill! 

We also deal with website design!

We love to create! We also create beautiful websites! Is your new idea going big? We can help set you up with a website to help promote your idea!


We are always experimenting with new innovations, and working closely with Matter 3D

to bring you the best possible materials!


We will always work closely with you, and explain every step of the process from beginning to end, with no hidden fees!


Anyone with an idea can utilize our service, regardless of technical knowledge or background!

Core Values

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